Shaked ventures

We are a family investment fund that founded 888 Holdings Ltd. and we’re now looking to invest in early stage Israeli ventures making their way through the booming industry of online gaming and Mobile.


Our vision is to guide entrepreneurs and assist them in bringing their ideas to life. This is all possible from our decades of personal experience

Our vast knowledge of the industry, helped us to recognize that Israel’s startup nation is developing and expanding into a ‘gaming nation.’ There are a huge percentage of gaming companies, studios, and entrepreneurs in Israel that make it a gaming powerhouse. Realizing this potential, we’ve made it our goal to bring these ventures to life. Shaked ventures sees social involvement and philanthropy as a superior value. We sponsor the activities of a variety of social startups that are aimed at creating a better society. One of the leading social startups that we sponsor and hold a seat on the board of, is "RedButton", which recently won “Israel’s most promising startup for 2014” in the recent Calcalist Mobile Conference


Impact Investing

One of the leading social startups that we sponsor and hold a seat on the board of, is CallVU, which recently won “Israel’s most promising startup for 2015” in the recent Calcalist Mobile Conference

Why Shaked Ventures?

What makes us unique and differentiates us from other funds and investors is our grasp of the gaming industry. We take pride in being the only Israeli fund that has enough knowledge, experience and passion to help the Israeli Gaming industry grow.

Working with us means you’ll have full guidance and support in bringing your venture to life.

Whether you’re in need of professional help developing your marketing strategies, connections and introductions to industry leaders or international corporations, or simply funding, we would love for you to reach out to us as this is the place for you.

Meet Eyal shaked

Eyal Shaked - CEO

Eyal Shaked (35) is the owner and controlling shareholder of the successful online gambling corporation 888 Holdings Ltd.

Eyal holds a BA in both Business Management and Information technologies from Israel's IDC University. He has vast experience in the online gambling field as a result of his career at 888 Holdings, which included a period of four years in which he managed 888's operation center in Gibraltar.

Eyal is a "Super Angel" investor from early stage to A round startups with a focus on technological startups disrupting the industries of online gaming and gambling, BI, payments monetization, and marketing.

Eyal takes active part by being a leading board member and a consultant for over ten different organizations that promote online security, startup nation ventures and more.

In 2014 won the Global Gaming Award for Best Digital Operator of the year.

Apart from 888, Eyal was involved in the Traffix Systems success story. The company was sold to US based F5 on February 2012.